Louise Lambert is the shared name between mother and daughter who have been loving fashion and making clothes together for more than 40 years. The brand is the creation of the younger of the two and is born out of the desire to create simple, striking designs that embody confidence, style and individuality.

Harpers Bazaar said “there’s an air of nonchalance with a jumpsuit” which sums us up perfectly. Whenever you see a woman wearing a jumpsuit, you know she’s confident in who she is and what she believes. There is just something so effortlessly chic and understatedly powerful about it.

Focussing on jumpsuits, we use luxury fabrics such as silk, sequins and lace and each piece is made in the heart of the UK.

We will add each season to the collection and keep the timeless designs whilst changing up the fabrics and colours, trims and finishes. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding something that works brilliantly for you but then next year it’s gone, we don’t believe in throwing fashion away, we believe in investing in you and your wardrobe.

Finally, you might see us posting #RebelElegance on social media. This is because to us, that is what the Louise Lambert woman represents. Her elegance exudes confidence, is uncomplicated and dignified; yet is preceded with the rebel inside because she believes it is of greater importance to challenge and question the norm, never settling for the established way of doing things.