1 - The Story So Far...

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I discovered at a very young age that fashion had the power to influence how I felt at an immensely deep level. I found great freedom in wearing pieces that made me feel in charge of my own life when my reality was that I was growing up in an environment which told me to keep quiet, not have an opinion, do as I was told and never speak my mind or there would be hell to pay.

As a child, I would spend hours choosing fabrics and patterns as my mother was an amazing dressmaker and I loved to create my own unique wardrobe with her help. I marvelled at rummaging for hours through fabrics in haberdashers then being able to take them home, and find myself wearing them, as a complete piece, a few days later. The process was magical, I can even still, 40+ years later, hear the sound of the sewing machine and smell the fragrance of the camphor wood chest in which we stored our fabrics.

We didn’t have much money growing up and the high street shops back then certainly didn’t offer much variety, so I struggled to be inspired by what I saw in the local shops. Creating pieces that made me feel special and putting together looks that gave me a sense of independence became very much part of my norm before I even hit high school.

In today’s world, we are so much more liberated, there is far more acceptance of individuality and freedom of expression that it’s easy to forget that only a few years ago, we were dictated to by the high street with its limited offerings. We could only dream of wearing the unattainable looks we pawed over in the glossy magazines or saw worn by the stars of Hollywood movies who back then, set the bar whereas now, you only need to be connected to social media to find out in a second what a celebrity is wearing and where you can buy it, the second they step out in it.

So now we have an ocean of choice, yes that in itself has its own setbacks and of course we ask the question, do we need yet another brand for women? My answer to that is yes. Yes we do, because we all have purpose and we all have passion …I shall explain more, in the next blog.