2 - Who is Louise Lambert?

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My mother, Sally Louise Lambert was a talented and stylish woman.  She was however, betrayed and abused by those closest to her and as her daughter, watching her life dissolve through her fingers, watching her feel powerless to effect change, watching her sob herself to sleep and end up in a wheelchair fully dependent on the one person who betrayed her the most, I vowed I would never find myself in such a place.

At home, behind closed doors, we were fiercely controlled by an overbearing patriarch who regularly lost his temper and believed that children were to be controlled by fear – you can fill in the blanks and you won’t be far wrong. Childhood was filled with dread, tears and fear; yet it was in the discovery of fashion, that I found a place where I was free to become myself; where I could express who I was, how I felt and who I wanted to become.

I would get masses of inspiration from rummaging through local fabric shops or visiting little French boutiques when travelling, of course watching old movies and scouring the pages of glossy magazines (which were banned from the house), whilst my Mum was having her hair done. All these moments fed this desire to discover who I was, make a stamp on my own individuality, and create a new path ahead, one that would take me away from my family.

All these years later, the importance of creating our own brand was to celebrate the journey that we as women have travelled. Louise is our shared middle name and Lambert is my mother’s maiden name, the bloodline through which the style and creativity flows. We all have different mountains to climb in life, we are not free from hurdles, mud, trauma or sadness and yet at the same time, we all have purpose; we all matter, we all have a journey and every single living day counts.

Louise – famous warrior, renowned fighter

Lambert – bright land

 Our purpose through Louise Lambert is multi-faceted. Yes of course we will bring you beautiful womenswear which we hope you will feel utterly divine in!  We will also champion you into discovering your destiny. We will share stories with you, link you up with other women (check out the book shelf) and hopefully inspire you into being strong and brave as you climb your mountain, wherever it is and whatever it looks like.