3 - Found By Fashion


Life is a gift, not a sentence and what we do with it is ultimately, down to us. Does fussing about what we wear have any value to our meaning in life? Well I think so, absolutely resoundingly yes.

Fashion is how I discovered freedom. In the midst of a troubled childhood, I realized that my “happy place”, was when I was wearing what I wanted to wear, which actually was not always as easy as it sounds. It was in these moments that I felt I could be me, it was in these moments that I felt I could do anything, dream anything and that I could dare to believe that I was in charge of my destiny.

I know it sounds a bit dramatic as today the sense of individuality is valued by so many, but for a young British girl growing up in the 70s and 80s, there wasn’t any talk of following your dreams, or living your best life, there were no self-help books or blogs and social media feeds firing inspirational quotes at you on a daily basis. There was just one book I came across, Jonathan Livingston Seagull which utterly enthralled me and inspired me into believing in myself and that I could be the person that I felt was hiding inside. I read enough of it before it was taken away from me, to light a fire in my soul that has raged ever since.

What we wear is powerful, how we present ourselves holds so many messages to the world. Our wardrobe, our hair, the way we are is our instant calling card, a visual summary of who we are, a subliminal shout out to what we stand for and all we believe in and because of this, has immense impact on the way we feel.

Louise Lambert is a celebration of individuality, style and strength; it is a tribute to all women who have battled in one way or another, a beacon to show there is light, a community of women who champion women, an example of the pursuit of purpose, sheer determination, boldness and bravery, love in action and of course, the complete unadulterated, love of fashion!