4 - To Be Or Not To Be

OK, so why did I wait until my mid 40s to set out my stall and develop Louise Lambert? It’s been a journey let’s put it that way! Isn’t everything though?

I have spent at LEAST 17 years talking about it …I know, I hang my head in shame, well, sort of but not really. I have gone around in all kinds of circles to get to this place and if I’m honest, I am not sure I would have got here had I not done them, so whilst it seems quite late, I’m happy with it. Timing, right?

On top of living life in circles, I’ve also had two amazing children who are both now in their mid-teens and keep me on my toes, I also have two younger step sons and various animals plus a husband, so life is busy!

I’ve rushed so many things in the past, been quite impulsive and made a few mistakes (few …I say that lightly!) and whilst that has all been going on, Louise Lambert has been simmering on the back stove and it’s usually those dishes that take time for the flavours to really come out, that take time to mature – like a decent bottle of wine, where the richness is found. I hope so anyway.

I would say that it is down to my lovely family that I have finally done this. I’m not sure whether it was just to stop me talking about it, but they did the final push, go on Mum, it’ll be brilliant! …and so here we are.

I have a lot of passion for fashion, a particular penchant for the jumpsuit and all it’s rebellious undertones but in equal measures, probably more, I have a drive to empower other women to push through, climb high and find freedom. So to all those hard working, future building, family loving, independent thinking, brave and gorgeous beauties out there, welcome to Louise Lambert. We hope you find some beautiful pieces for your wardrobe over the years, and we also hope you find inspiration that lifts you up and spurs you on!