Years ago Vivienne Westwood started championing the concept of “buy less, choose well, make it last” and yet the trend for virtually disposable fashion continues to explode.

Ultra-low priced, wear once or twice pieces are tossed in bins, charity bags and recycling with very little consideration as to where they came from or where they will end up. How often do we stop to consider how many plastics and chemicals have been released into landfill and the sea during the process?

We use fabrics that are carefully sourced, our garments are ethically produced and we personally hand pick everyone who is involved in the Louise Lambert process.

Not only that, we post out each jumpsuit in a box which is FSC® / PEFC® certified and 100% recyclable and the inner box we have decided to leave unbranded so that you can use it for something else too.

We are committed to looking after our planet and will do all we can, to ensure that we are employing best business practises to enable #sustainablefashion